Holiday rental

A house, villa, apartment, cabin and more…choose what’s best fou your holiday

Have you ever had that frustration from spending so many fruitless hours in front of the computer, switching from a holiday rental to another with no clue of what kind of rental will suit your needs, endless rent offers around…

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Legal expectations when renting a holiday house in France

Renting a holiday home isn’t as easy as it looks, it demands paper work, legal documents and regulations to sign and write, rights and responsibilities that must be respected  and so much more. it’s sometimes frustrating but it’s always worth…

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Enjoy intimacy by going for a house with a private pool

Houses with pools, don’t we all love them ? Talked on an on about renting one amazing villa with a huge pool on the next holiday aboard ? Day dreamed about the pleasure, relaxation and refreshment it provides, on the…

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What you’re in for when renting a holiday house

Whether you’re looking for a vacation rental and you need the Ins and Outs of the whole procedure or  you’re just curious to know what’s all the fuzz is about, why it’s so known lately and why people prefer it…

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Renting a house for your holiday, pros and cons

Renting a holiday home aboard is without doubt a 21st century invention, and it surely has been a great plus to the tourism sector. being able to get a home away from home, in half the price of most hotels…

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