Renting a house for your holiday, pros and cons

Renting a holiday home aboard is without doubt a 21st century invention, and it surely has been a great plus to the tourism sector. being able to get a home away from home, in half the price of most hotels and guest houses is what most travelers dream of, however it might have some downs as well that might push holiday-makers away. here are what we think are the Pros and Cons of Holiday Renting.


1- Money savor, you can choose an affordable but very comfortable letting and save your extra pounds for the next trip away from home. You can also save money by buying groceries and cook on your own, it's a plus in exotic or expensive countries where you wont feel like eating out every single day.

2- diversity in available offers, you can choose whatever type of holiday lodging you prefer, whether it's a cabin in the middle of the forest or a downtown flat, a beach cottage, an expensive private villa with private pool, Jacuzzi and even tennis playground, the choice is all yours.

a vacation rental that offers more space, privacy and intimacy, as well as amenities of your choice on whatever location you please and in nearly half the price of most hotels especially in Europe, is a winner.


1- Renting a vacation rental is a huge step out of the comfort zone of organized, staff-packed hotels where with a punch of the button you can have whatever you want at your doorstep or even the foot of your bed if you feel like it. that luxury is only offered by 5* hotels.

2-Having to go through a lot of searching for the appropriate lodging and then through the whole paper work and having to double check directly with the owner is sometimes boring and tiring especially if you want to keep stuff simple and stress free. and even when you go  through all the double checks, most of the times you'll get awe-stuck the moment you open the door of your new home because the photos where Photoshoped or even unauthentic.  appearances may be deceiving, and there's no going back unless you waste all your time away fighting with the owner. but of-course that's highly unlikely especially with the uprising new agencies that take care of the whole process and offer you an authentic proposal and sometimes a complete staff and concierge.

3- having to extra pack is the worst part especially if you want things to be spontaneous, having to pack beding and towers is frustrating.


The positive outlooks of Holiday rentals surely outweighs the potential negatives, it is a matter of careful choosing and manipulating the renting procedure and a little bit of luck. in the end it's your pick whether you want to try out the adventurous way or the more predicted and controlled way. choose wise, have a nice trip.

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