Enjoy intimacy by going for a house with a private pool

Houses with pools, don't we all love them ?

Talked on an on about renting one amazing villa with a huge pool on the next holiday aboard ?

Day dreamed about the pleasure, relaxation and refreshment it provides, on the unbearably hot days of summer ?

If you answered yes, nodded or gone into a long mouth-watering day dream of heart shaped pools and huge slides, then you're one of us, pool loving holiday-makers.

But like they say all good things comes with a price, sometimes unplayable.

Take a look at the Pros and Cons of renting a holiday house with a pool.


1- If you're on holiday with your tittle kids then a pool in the  house is a huge plus, having  a pool means you can enjoy a lazy afternoon when it's too hot to go sightseeing or to go shoulder rubbing in the beach with the flocking tourists, you get to have your own version of pool parties where your kids splash and giggle all around you while you enjoy relaxing by the pool with a home made refreshments that spring life to your organs.

2- avoid the displacement with your family or friends to the crowded public hotel pools where you have to run and race to get poolside lounger and wait ages to get your order of expensive refreshments.

3- privacy, intimacy and cleanness all that you can enjoy only if you get a villa with a pool.

4- Whether it's a mountain villa, a villa by the beach, the luxury of having a pool indoor and outdoor is unreplaceable, imagine swimming on a balmy night with a sky full of stars and a scenery beyond that amaze.

5- you get to have pool parties and invite a lot of cool locals that you befriended, that way you get to emerge a little more in the life of the locals and enjoy their company.


1- Once you rent the house, all the maintenance  of the pool hygiene are in your hand, that's extra responsibility, and you can't be sure of it's cleanness once you rent. the owner can assure you that he took care of everything but you can't trust any one especially when it comes to your family's health .

2- swimming pools can be dangerous around kids, especially if they can't swim yet and not used to swimming pools in their own backyard, it's a risk you can't afford.

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