Holiday destinations

février 17, 2016
the South of France

Reasons to visit the South of France

Have you planned to come in France for the next summer? Great! You will enjoy the French landscapes and lifestyle because France is not just about […]
septembre 28, 2015

Traveler’s kit for every holiday destination

You love to travel but you can’t stand the point in time when you start packing and forget basically all the important stuff to take and […]
septembre 28, 2015

Spain, a country where it’s all about tourism during the summer

  Have you ever been to a country where everyday is a celebration ? where happy faces, cheerful locals with Buenos Dias Bella  and Por Favor […]
septembre 28, 2015

TOP 4 Islands to visit

Looking up for an island getaway ? but still wondering what island to go to ? The summer season is close and you and your family […]
septembre 28, 2015

Greece, history, culture and art !

Greece is one of the biggest empires of the middle ages, and the aftermath of its roaming  is still present in most of the Mediterranean countries, […]
septembre 28, 2015

France’s best holiday spots

No one can deny the ever lasting ornamented beauty of France. The heart of Europe and the little princess of the world. It’s always been the cradle […]