Legal expectations when renting a holiday house in France

Renting a holiday home isn't as easy as it looks, it demands paper work, legal documents and regulations to sign and write, rights and responsibilities that must be respected  and so much more. it's sometimes frustrating but it's always worth it at the end when you relax at your new temporary home.

that's why we looked up all the major legal regulations demanded when renting in the beautiful one and only France.

1-Costs and Fees:

unfortunately for your bank account, in addition to the monthly rental, there's is extra specific fees to pay, which are:

-Rental Deposit: no more than a month for unfurnished letting but no specified limits for furnished lettings. for holiday lettings the deposit should not exceed 20% of the total rental (25% when a estate agent is involved )

-a Condition Survey.


Renters are obliged to get a house insurance same as the landlords.

3-Condition Report:

Before you take control over the property, it's advised to undertakes a description of the condition of the property. "état des lieux" is a report that is normally written by an estate agent and signed by both parties to avoid future arguments about the state of the property and the inspection of damages.  when the tenant is about to leave to letting, a new report will be made and compared to the first one and that's how damages are inspected, and refunded if existing.


Holiday rental legal regulations are a lot less then normal rentals. but holiday rentals cannot exceed the maximum duration of the months by law, after which it is considered a regular rental where more strict regulations applies.

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