What you’re in for when renting a holiday house

Whether you're looking for a vacation rental and you need the Ins and Outs of the whole procedure or  you're just curious to know what's all the fuzz is about, why it's so known lately and why people prefer it over hotel booking.  This article will give you an idea of what to expect and how to behave when you choose to rent a holiday home.

1- Search Technics

When you're searching for a holiday home whether it's aboard or in the next state, you must consult multiple sources, ask people who visited the same destination before, contact some locals with social media, you'll collect more information about the location and you might land the perfect deal. if your destination isn't very far, consider visiting it and drive around the neighbors, some rentals might not be put on the internet.

2-Legal expectations

Renting a holiday home isn't an easy task, it demands paper work and legal documents to sign and agree to.

there is 3 major things you should do when going through the legal documents of your rental:

-Read the contract carefully: we all have the tendency to skip that step where they ask you to read and agree to the terms and conditions, we sign it and move on. and that's a huge mistake especially when you're renting from a total stranger from a totally different country. so make sure you read the contract and question anything that seems suspiciously blurry.

-Consider insurance policies: for your own sake, you should consider getting an insurance policy and a rental guarantee policy.

-Know what you're going to pay for: make sure you know who's going to pay for Internet, phone service,gas, utility bills, etc..

3- Must-do things

-Negociate: don't over do it though.

-Ask about the housekeeping situation: know whether a cleaning service is offered or not.

-Make sure you have the contact info of the owner and the agencie that rented you the house.

-When you first enter your new house, photographe it and if you find anything that's broken, tell the owner about it. the photographs will be your documented ensurance when you leave the property that way the owner can't blame you for any damages you're not responsible for.

Holiday renting doesn't have to be a stressful task, if you plan ahead and make sure you're handling all the legal expectations, then it can go as smoothly as you please.

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