Reasons to visit the South of France

the South of France

Have you planned to come in France for the next summer? Great! You will enjoy the French landscapes and lifestyle because France is not just about Paris.

In our opinion, the south of France is a wonderful region. It’s sunny, warm with so relaxed atmosphere. So, you should also plan to visit this part of the country.

You can come there directly by taking interior flights from Paris, but if you have a tight budget you could come by train directly from Paris.

Where to stay in the South of France

If you come from Paris we recommend you going to Nice. It’s a lovely city in the South-East of France, near Cannes, Monaco and Italy. By staying there you’ll have the opportunity to visit all those prestigious places.

However be aware, the cost of living is particularly high in the south of France. That’s why we don’t recommend you to book a hotel room, especially if you come with your family or friends.

You should better rent a villa in the front of the sea. You will appreciate the view, have your own propriety and enjoy the French living style. Furthermore, in this region all villas are really well designed and often provide a great swimming pool or/and wellness space. In addition to that, nowadays it is really easy to maximize the space of houses through the technology!

Top things to do in the South of France

So if you’re convinced by coming in the South of France, we are pleased to propose you some great things to do there.

By staying in Nice, we encourage you to walk along the Promenade des Anglais, a famous and beautiful way located on Nice’s sea front.

If you like to have fun, the south of France is the right place to be. This region is well known by all big parties of the Western Europe. If you want to have fun, we’re recommending you to go in Saint Tropez.

At the opposite if you want to rest and keep calm during your holiday, Monaco is a charming place to visit. Maybe you’ll have the chance to see princess of Monaco, Charlene Wittsock.

Joking aside, if you come between the 11th and the 22nd of May, you must stop In Cannes. Indeed, the Cannes film festival will take place in this period, so you’ll have the chance to see the greatest actors in the world.

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