France’s best holiday spots

No one can deny the ever lasting ornamented beauty of France. The heart of Europe and the little princess of the world. It's always been the cradle of culture and traditions, a Metropolitan where millions  and millions of tourists flock to its shores and cities each year, adding something new to its identity. a country of diversity and history.

Dazzling, historically rich, elegant and beautiful, Oui ! C'est la France, Mon amour.

France, where pain au chocolat and pattés and baguettes make love to your taste buds, the gloriously standing Tour Eiffel and the magnificently chic Louvre charms you with beautiful scenery, sexy accents and beautiful sun-kissed faces sweeps you off your feet and you fall into a vineyards and Gardens no other than les Jardins de le château de Versailles.

Since the Paleolithic era, France has been glamorously standing high in the heart of Europe. and now it's a heritage of glorious past and grand history that must be preserved and cherished.


France has so many beautiful cities that pleases every visitor with how unique and diverse at the same time they are. so many that you can't decide what destination to choose when visiting la France, so we picked up for you 5 of the most unmissable vacation spots around France.

1- Paris: Paris needs no introduction, no one can possibly go to France without having the grand tour of this glamorous capital. where stands most of France's monuments and museums.

2- Rochelle & Ile de Ré: the Atlantic side of France is unfairly ignored by the flocks of Tourists flying to France each year. but that's totally fine because the real charm of Ile de Ré and all the west coast lies in how tranquil and remote it is. To have a good idea about the best spots in the island visit this website specialized in holiday villa rentals in Ile-de-Ré :

Ile de Ré is a must see, a Gallic-style isle with so many idyllic beaches and amazing scenery that you will never get enough.

La Rochelle is the mainland that attach this little pearl to France and it's as beautiful and culturally rich and elegant as Paris

3- Corsica: Known as the "Scented isle", Corsica is a scenic island, south of France and neighbor to the Italian Sardinia; the magic of Corsica is in its mixture of Italian and French tradition, culture and especially architecture. famous for it's France's chicness and Italian mouthwatering culinary art

4- Marseille : a metropolitan melting-pot, where antiquity and modernity has come together to give life to a unique Empire of old ports, art museums, and traditional middle Eastern markets.

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