TOP 4 Islands to visit

Looking up for an island getaway ? but still wondering what island to go to ?

The summer season is close and you and your family are waiting impatiently to pack your swimsuits and hit the ferry/airplane for an island vacation away from the suffocating city.

we'll help you choose, by narrowing down your choices to 4 epic islands around the world that are worth exploring solo or with company.


Santoroni, with it's one of a kind history, an archipelago that was once a single island before the volcanic eruption around 1650 B.C,  home to the mythical lost city of Atlantis and said to be the most favorite holiday retreat to the Greek gods.

Who wouldn't love to spend the rest of his waking hours in that heaven-like island where anything you land your eyes on is heavenly magical and beautifully shaped.

Indulge in the unique atmosphere surrounded by preserved ancient ruins and magnificent natural landscapes, Visit the ancient Akrotiri, climb the archaic stairs to the historic city if Manolas in Thirassia. From above enjoy the awe-inspiring view of the bay Caldiera.

walk the narrow alleys between the blue shattered houses that give Santorini a unique vibe. Enjoy the peace and quite, the intimacy and comfort that this Island produce without effort. a feeling of Zen that washes out all the crumbs of a stressful year.


where daydreaming is not a condition but a day habit, where heaven is under your feet, around you, nuzzling your taste buds,your sight and all your senses. Bali is literally heaven in grammar and fantastically shaped scenery. i hope this island was actually some kind of a Teaser for heaven, because God ! it's magical.

Towering Volcanoes, majestic rain-forests where prehistorical temples hide from the sights ! an amazing destination for adventure seekers and history geeks.

sandy shores, turquoise clear water, picturesque luxurious resorts, made in a way to help tourists emerge in the local culture, an exotic culture where nature is sacred.

a paradise at your disposal. take a chance and visit it.


one of the largest and most diverse Greek island. with it's sandy beaches that lays between soaring mountains, amazing wild scenery  and beautiful culture, modern cities where a lot can be explored and an abundance of natural parks for hikers and adventure seekers


known as the ''Scented isle", a french island just off the south of France near the Italian Sardinia, Corsica is a scenic island with a refreshing blend of Italian and french architecture and culture   with a whole lot of Mediterranean wonders  stunning mountainous landscapes and undeveloped beaches.

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