Traveler’s kit for every holiday destination

You love to travel but you can't stand the point in time when you start packing and forget basically all the important stuff to take and end up with a stuffed suitcase or backpack with all the secondary things ?

if you know how that feels like than you're in the right corner of the web, we're going to help you through it.


This is a dilemma of all travelers, first-time travelers or even people who are used to throwing their backpack over their heads and embarking on a new journey, they always forget one or  two things that are crucial to their trip. so in an attempt to rescue travelers from re-buying what they already had at home from another country with loads of money, here is a list of 10 crucial things that needs to be in your vacation backpack.

1-Health Items : a mini medication kit is essential, pack a box of band-aids and a small bottle of Iodine, some painkillers, multivitamins, cold,diarrhea and allergies medicines, sunburn relief and a hand-sanitizer. don't forget to keep all the medication in their original containers with clear labels and copies of the prescriptions translated if available.

2-Technology:  a cheap mobile device (un-cry worthy if stolen kind of mobile ) and a charger, USB pen, flash drive, headphones, camera, a memory card and an electronic adapter.

3-Documents: this is so important, in your travel kit you need to include a document organizer that contains photocopies of your passport and your personal ID, travel insurance, a boarding pass, visa, emergency contacts, reservations and a map. this will be a life saver when needed.

4-back of motivation: Yes ! like i said a back of motivation with a journal and a pen, it might seem impossible for you now to write anything down, but the moment you  embark on an exotic journey you'll want to keep the memories.

5-Money: bring with you at least two cards, Visa and MasterCard and keep them separate, so if you lost one, you'll have the other one for emergencies. bring extra cash with you and keep it hidden somewhere no pocket thief will think of.

6-Clothing: the necessary clothes you need to have with you anywhere you go are a waterproof jacket if you're going somewhere with chances of rain, pair of lightweight clothing and jeans, sleepwear,socks and underwear, swimsuit ( it depends on the destination ), flip flops and a comfortable walking shoes.

7-Toiletry Kit: the basics are toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, deodorant, shampoo, face-wash.  If you're a woman you'll need your feminine hygiene products, some basic make up.

(keep it minimal)

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