Spain, a country where it’s all about tourism during the summer


Have you ever been to a country where everyday is a celebration ? where happy faces, cheerful locals with Buenos Dias Bella  and Por Favor Senorita are your daily Eargasm. Where flamenco Bull dancers are fooling around everywhere you go ?

If that seem foreign but very delightful, then your next holiday destination must be Spain, a country of high waves, exquisite food, non stop parties and Enrique look-alikes.


A country that steeps in great history and diverse culture, present in every stone you pass by and every tradition you encounter, from Roman Gothic architecture to the Moorish kingdoms, Arabian ancestors and European great great fathers. Spain is the ancient metropolis of cultures and strong empires, and the best part is, it's very proud of its history that every where you go is a Monument and a preserved heritage.

The Country's glorious legacy makes it one of the most visited countries in the world. with its endless tales of ancient history, strong beautiful traditions, majestic monuments, churches castles and Moorish temples, and awe-inspiring natural landscapes, beautiful beaches, hidden isles and magnificent mountains.

one of the things that makes this country very famous among tourists is how full of life it is except the afternoons when the siesta is sacred of course. but the crazy exotic festivals all year round makes up for the somehow lazy afternoons. and the best time to visit is summer, when every day is literally a celebration.

To truly emerge in the Spanish wonder-life, you have to adjust to their rhythm of life, where morning is flavored with traditional breakfasts, the afternoon is for sightseeing in the  abundance of plazas, churches and temples, and the night is for crazy partying with equally crazy locals.


So many Beautiful towns, so little time but we’re here to give you the top 5 must-see Places in Spain.

1- The Moorish Empire and the Flamenco Dancer's hometown: Andalusia, the city where history is carved on pebbles and stones. Enjoy the historical ride in one of the best destinations in Spain

2-  Majorca, Palma: It’s the Spanish the nightlife haven for vibrant parties and the ultimate getaway for art enthusiasts.

3- Madrid: who can go to Spain without visiting the capital Madrid, the heart of the wonderful country, where regular buildings there are the middle ages castles, baroque monuments and grand plazas.

4- Barcelona: Soak up in the vibrant culture of Barcelona, a charming seaside city with beautiful sandy beaches and majestic town center. a town where Salvador Dali and the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi let their magical sense of art roam.

 5- the Basque country, sharing borders with France along the Pyrenees Mountains, a visit to the Basque Country will guarantee you a unique experience. culturally rich region, unfairly ignored by tourists so it perfect for a remote and peaceful holiday

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