By the sea, the mountain cliff or in the middle of the forest, it’s your call!

It's hard choosing between the intimacy and zen, the woods provides and the freshness and relaxation the Sea grants, that's why choosing between that cottage you loved by the sea or that to-die-for wooden cabin inside the forest is not at all easy especially if your destination is "all inclusive" amazing Beaches and picturesque mountains. 


Whether you're a fan of surfing, sailing or canoeing or simply you enjoy lazy days soaking up the sunshine and swimming,  renting a beach house or a cottage by the sea is perfect for you. Imagine waking up for the sound of waves crashing on the shore, and the music of marine-birds flying above the sand dunes, clear blue sky and freshening sunshine, the moment you open the window you inhale the fresh salty breeze that awakens all your nerves on a happy rhythm. If you started day dreaming, then this is your kind of thing. book a seaside cottage in one of the most famous coastal villages around Europe and enjoy both the scenery and scent of the ever-lasting and beautiful ocean.

With your home near the Sea, you'll be able to try so many fun and exotic  water activities like cove diving, water skiing, cave kayaking, cruising, fishing with the locals  and so much more.

Enjoying an intimate evening with family and friends around a bonfire on the beach, dancing, singing laughing and enjoying meteor showers and skies full of stars, is one of perks of staying in a beach cottage.

whether it's by the harbor or with a private direct access to the beach, a Sea cottage is always a good idea for fun loving people.


To fully enjoy the authentic and the unspoiled beauty of any destination you travel to, you've got to visit the Rural areas and the natural resorts, it offers enormous picturesque landmarks and walkways with an unquestionably mesmerizing beauty. it gives you a taste of the real allure of the country.

Rent in a campsite or on the edge of the mountain cliff, be adventurous, experience the beauty from the top of the hill and be engrossed by the comfortably quite and intimate pace of life.

Curl up on a comfy swing bed between the trees and enjoy listening to the murmurs of the forest beyond, inhale the fresh wet scent of the soil underneath and let your senses roam and explore the infinite world you can create around you.

Get a healthy dose of the nature air, experience living in the wilderness among the world's most intangible beauties, hidden lagoons, waterfalls, caves..

Escape with your loved one to the forest away from modernity and the troubled city life.

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