A house, villa, apartment, cabin and more…choose what’s best fou your holiday

Have you ever had that frustration from spending so many fruitless hours in front of the computer, switching from a holiday rental to another with no clue of what kind of rental will suit your needs, endless rent offers around the web from amazing villas, beach houses, forest cottages to small downtown flats and studios but you still have no idea of how to choose that's where we come in, we will help you get through your dilemma of having to choose.

We all hate choosing whether it's as small as choosing between apple and orange Juice from the aisle or as life changing as saying No or Yes to him and walk the aisle. and choosing a holiday rental comes in between, it's hard but after answering 4 simple questions (or as i like to call it 4 steps to Home, cliché i know, couldn't think of any better), it's a done mission.

1- Where am i going ?

Every holiday destination is famous with something, whether it is the sea like the Mediterranean coast or the wilderness like South Africa or simply the lively culture and city life. with knowing your destination point fort, you narrow down your  wide range of possibilities to minimum. so if you're going to the Med you might want to choose a holiday home that is close to the beach so you wouldn't have to displace everyday to soak up in the sea, however if your destination is more like Turkey, Morocco, Florence, it's recommended to choose a downtown flat, close to the locals where you can emerge in their day-life and enjoy the cultural roller-coaster.

2-When am i going ?

Summer holiday, a spring getaway or an off season trip, it depends on the weather in the destination. if it's summer you most likely want to get away from the flocks of tourists in the downtown and soak in the luxury of comfort, a villa just off the city in the top of the hill with a pool and direct access to the sea or the wide spread wilderness is perfect. for an off-season trip if it's on business or a short shopping weekend in Paris, go for flats and downtown houses, it will be easier for your transportation.

3- can my budget afford it ?

Of-course if you're going holiday making with an shoestring budget to an expensive destination, you can't indulge in life's finest pleasure and rent that amazing villa with the heart shaped pool you saw on that site, you need to respect your budget and look for a small fat or a studio, that way you will enjoy your budget on things that are worth and not on some Instagram ready pool house scenery.

4- With whom am i going ?

If your going on a summer holiday with the whole family, your partner and a bunch of excited little kids, you might need a cottage that is spacey but not so expensive, somewhere where the kids can play outside on days that you feel too lazy to go sightseeing. that's the whole point.

but if you're going on a honeymoon, choosing a little cute forest cabin or a small beach house, depending on the destination is perfect. cozy and romantic with awe-inspiring landscapes.

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